About my holidays!

  • What would you enjoy more on a holiday – to be a passenger on a cruise ship or on a small yacht?

I think it’d be better if I was a passenger on a cruise ship, as it is more luxurious and comfortable than a small yacht. Also, I would socialize more since I would meet many more people.

  • Which regions of your country are the most popular destinations for tourists? Which do you prefer?

My country has so many destinations for tourists, but the most popular ones are Akropoli in Athens and the Greek Islands. The ones I prefer most are the Greek Islands because they are very beautiful, with a spectacular view from any place you visit and really graphic, narrow streets where you can take a walk to relax.

  • On holiday, would you rather have a varied itinerary or spend every day on the beach?

I would definitely have a varied itinerary, as I love learning more things about the places I visit. Spending every day on the beach would be so borind, personally I don’t like going to the beach (mostly because of the sand and the crowds of people who are having fun while swimming at the same time) so spending a whole day there seems to be a nightmare!

  • What would you consider to be a holiday of a lifetime?

Well, I truly enjoy visiting places I’ve never been before, so something out of the ordinary would be great for me, as a visit to the Bahamas for example! I love travelling to new places I’ve never been before, meeting new people and making friends, finding information about the place I’ve visited, learning about its culture etc. Spending time with my family or friends would be great and either in Australia or in Greece I’m sure we’d have a lovely time together!

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My birthday!

Hey bloggers!!

How are you?

As most of you know, the day before yesterday (8/9) I had my birthday!!

And I have to admit that it was the best birthday ever!

In the morning, I had a party at my house, where I invited my best friends, Dorina, Efi and Joanna. It was incredible! We listened to music, danced, played games and had the time of our lives!! Also, I blew my candles from my birthday cake, too! It was beyond great!

In the evening, we went out for a walk at the neighbourhood's park to take some fresh air. We all had a great time together, laughing and talking for hours on end!

Finally, the thing I enjoyed most was reading all your wishes. I wanna thank you all for your love and I need to tell you that you are all awesome!


PS. Yay! I finally reached 42.OOO visitings! Thanks a lot guys, it means a lot to me. Hope you enjoy reading my posts!! 😀